Meet Our Team

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Mrs. Hammer has been a teacher at LRES since 1994. She was hired to teach kindergarten and now teaches Pre-K. She really enjoys teaching the younger students because they get excited about learning new things and make so much progress during the school year. She graduated from Longwood College with a degree in Elementary Education and can’t imagine not being a teacher. Mrs. Hammer is married, her husband is also a teacher, and they have two boys, Chris and Andrew. She loves to read, watch her boys play sports, and spend summer vacations together traveling and just hanging out.

Mrs. Burnett has been imparting knowledge to the children of Leesville Road for 27 years. This is her 29th year teaching: she has taught, 5th, 6th, and spent 20 years in Kindergarten and 6 in first grade. She has her masters in curriculum development and has been the facilitator for summer school for the past several years. She has four of her own children and many more that she has taught that she considers her own as well. In her spare time she loves to be involved in her church and read as much as she can.

Mrs. Burnett and Mrs. Haskins work together in room 2.

Mrs. Hammer and Ms. Lewis team up in room 4.