Computer Lab

"Partnering with Teachers on the Road to Reading"

  Students in Kindergarten through Second Grade are exploring letters and words that help us become better readers.  We use a variety of computer programs that give every child the opportunity to see and hear again language and reading elements which they are learning in the classroom. Every lesson correlates to the classroom teacher’s planning.   Remedial and enrichment opportunities have also been provided.

  Students in Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade are exploring the keyboard and computer applications.  We are improving our typing skills to become more proficient on the computer while strengthening our writing skills.  

Visit Mrs. Noel’s Site below to visit great websites for learning and exploring!

  Creative writing is a part of the LRES upper lab for all grades as well.  We are “growing” authors in the Computer Lab and proudly show our hard work on the walls of our hallways.

  We are also learning to be responsible in the lab.  Keeping the computers germ-free is a big job.  If you would like to donate Clorox wipes, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, or tissues, we would appreciate your donation!

  Contact me if you would like to volunteer your time in our lab with our youngest students. I encourage you to visit our program links and see what your child is learning!  Thank you for partnering with us for your child.

  Happy reading and writing!

  - Mrs. Noel